The People Who Are Crazy Enough To Think They Can Change The World Are The Ones that do.

Design is not just what it looks like. Design is how it works.

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We do a comprehensive step by step design!

We are doing an agile development, which means it's fast and efficient

Step.1- Research and Strategy

Competitive analysis, analyzing Google statistics, SEO and social media rankings and such are our expertise. We do research on the type of site that our customers want, and will give them a detailed report on how we will positioned our site from competitors.

Step.2 - Design Studio

Design studio, is a lean approach in design. It eliminates assumptions and design iterations that may prolong projects in the long run.

Step.3 - Wireframing

After we are done with research and design studio, it is time to do the wireframing. In layman’s term it is laying the foundation of our design.

Step.4 - Design Mockup

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Step.5 - Development

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Step.6 - Finish Product

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Your Website

Our process and system are dedicated in providing you and your company the website that you really want. From branding all the way to marketing.

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Worry Free

You only have to tell us what you want on your website, and we will do the rest. Updates will be given from time to time to keep you in the loop in each progress.

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Responsive Website

80 percent of people who goes surfing in the net, uses smart phones and tablets. Which means your site needs to be mobile responsive. We give you that edge.

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Everything started with a vision.



This is a Japanese software company. This is all about sophistication and clarity as what…


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  • Ferris Marie TecsonCitius HR Manager

    Thank you creativeups! for the wonderful branding and website! we have tripled our clients after presenting our branding and site... We owe our success to you guys! more power!

  • Jong FernandezDirector of Training and Development Services Division of AGF

    We Love It! as always.. thanks Guys!

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Here's Our Story.

Creativeups is not just a company but an organization built to help startup companies, businessmen, and ordinary people wanting to go to business.

Our goal is to chase the vision of providing people with the right tools and direction to grow their business with proper guidance and equipped knowledge on UX design and Lean Methodology. Our 20 years of combined experience on Web design, Graphics, email marketing, SEO, SEM, UX design and Lean Startup had encouraged us to put up this company. Our vocation is to help everyone be on equal footing with big and leading companies that have monopolized the industry. Let us help you…

We are not limited to just web design and online marketing, we treat each project differently with a conservative and intensive way of research design, develop, test and deploy. We value in the eyes of the customer, Identify the value stream and eliminate waste. We try to eliminate assumptions and maximize online presence.

Tell us something about your Project

Please take a moment to tell us about your project. We will interview and educate you on your options so that we can put a proposal together that meets your expectations.

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